The most underappreciated foods on campus

Instead of looking for a new location, take a closer look at the menu 

Instead of your usual go-tos, why not take a chance on something that flies a little further under the radar? These are just some of the foods from all around campus that are lacking love, but definitely deserve it.

Library Café — Apple spice muffin

The muffins sold at the Library Café in Stauffer are arguably the best on campus. While a classic chocolate chip or blueberry muffin are the most recognisable choices, asking for an apple spice muffin is worthwhile. Not many people know about it, since the Café’s muffin choices aren’t listed on the overhead menu. The actual ‘spice’ in the muffin is very slight, it has real apple slivers throughout and the caliber of fluffiness is unparalleled on campus.

Canadian Grilling Company — Sweet potato fries

These salty and sweet fries are on the menu at CGC with your choice of ketchup or chipotle mayo. While they aren’t exactly an unknown item, they qualify as underappreciated due to CGC’s main focus on their burgers, only looking at fries as sides. However, if you aren’t up to a whole burger, these fries are one of the best-tasting items on the menu. Crispy and soft at the same time, the addition of the chipotle mayo side creates the perfect storm of potato goodness. 

The Tea Room — Apple pie chai tea

The apple pie chai is a tough order for those who don’t enjoy rhyming to strangers. If you’re able to master that tongue-twister, however, you’ll be rewarded with a new favorite drink. This fall-themed tea tastes like a foamy-apple cider. It’s sweet, but not shockingly so, and oh-so-comforting during the cold winter months. 

The Lazy Scholar — Two chicken snackers with both sauces and fries

While many go straight for plain chicken fingers, Lazy’s chicken snackers are a little more dressed up. They’re chicken fingers and lettuce in a tortilla wrap with ranch and hot sauce. a simple and yet delicious combination of spicy and indulgent flavours. Snackers may be lesser known than the stand out chicken fingers and curly fries, but have serious comfort food capabilities.

Queen’s Pub — Healthy platter

Bear with me here and don’t let the name dissuade you. The healthy platter is a huge platter of celery, carrots, cucumber and grilled ciabatta bread along with hummus, tzatziki and ranch dipping sauce. Finding a healthy choice at a pub is usually difficult, and the presence of this option, for those times you just don’t feel like something greasy, can’t go unrecognised.


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