Engineering Society vice-president (operations) candidates face off

Candidates speak to their commitment to EngSoc services

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David Atchison and Jacob Badali are running in the EngSoc executive election.

Two candidates are running for vice-president (operations) in the Engineering Society (EngSoc) election, happening Jan. 30-31. They chatted to The Journal about their platforms and hopes for the role.

David Atchison, Sci ’25

Candidate David Atchison, Sci ’25, wants to use big data to improve EngSoc services. He said he’ll use data analysis on services such as The Tea Room to stabilize business practices.

“I’d really like to maximize money that can go back to EngSoc,” Atchison said in an interview with The Journal.

To implement changes, Atchison wants to communicate with EngSoc managers directly by having open conversations to assess their needs. He said his previous experience working in academic teams has prepared him for the role.

“I really developed [teamwork skills], working with large groups of people,” he said. “Working with lots of different perspectives has helped me along because the executive teams work very closely together on a lot of projects.”

Atchison’s equity plan includes advocating for diversity and directorship in gender equality.

“Our diversity is not usually what we want it to be,” he said.

He said his discipline of geological engineering has the highest number of female faculty. Atchison feels he’s someone who could best represent the students because of his self-ascribed success working in group projects and understanding different perspectives.

Atchison is an avid reader of Golden Words and reads it every week with his housemates.

Jacob Badali, Sci ’25

Jacob Badali is focused on bringing student involvement in EngSoc back since its decline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To improve participation, Badali plans to speak to all the head managers under EngSoc services to brainstorm ways to increase engagement.

He said places like Clark Hall Pub always have engagement, but academic services such as iCons and EngLinks need more resources and planning.  

“I want to see places where the engineering society can do better,” Badali said in an interview with The Journal.

Badali is currently working under the operations portfolio as EngSoc’s finance officer, and has experience handling credit card requests, multiple financial systems, and portfolio planning.

He wants to mass hire directors, head managers, and entertainment mangers to reach out to a diverse set of engineers, and not just cater towards a specific group.

“I really want to cater to the widest base of engineers because I do recognize that, in a team, the best results are often produced by the most diverse opinions,” Badali said.

“I do recognize that in a team, the best results are often produce by the most diverse opinions. And you don’t want to find yourself in an echo chamber.”

After contemplating between the classic Clark Hall Pub and the convenience of the TeaRoom as his favourite EngSoc service, Badali decided the Tearoom’s bagels are hard to beat.  


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