Fine Arts to resume

Admissions suspension ceases in 2013

The Fine Arts program will see first-year students return come 2013 after a one-year admissions suspension is lifted.

Students were informed of the decision to reinstate the program in an email from Associate Dean of Arts and Science Gordon Smith on June 12.

“There was always the possibility that we would reopen admission in 2013 the way we have just done,” he told the Journal. “I think it’s important for people to understand the incredible amount of work that’s gone into this the past eight months, on the part of students, all the BFA faculty.”

Since November when the decision to suspend admissions to the Fine Arts program for 2012-13 was announced, students and other supporters of the program have publically voiced their concerns against the suspension.

“We were really heartened and helped by a lot of the feedback on this decision, the interest in the program and a lot of really constructive comments in and around what it’s done to the BFA,” Smith said.

Discussions have occurred about potential changes to the program, including allowing Fine Arts students more opportunity to take electives, or merging the department with other creative arts departments at Queen’s, though no official plans have yet been made.

— With files from Holly Tousignant

See the June 26 issue of the Journal for full story.


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