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Things to do because you only live once.

Every month Journal Blogs will be bringing you suggestions on what to do with your summer.

This will help you make the most of your summer and get amazing experience that you didn’t even know was available to you!

Let’s get started:

Ever wonder what it would be like to work up close and personal with animals?

Not the average cat or dog, the exotic species.

If you volunteer at a zoo you get to spend the day outdoors with more species than you could probably count.

If you want more of a personalized experience, try finding a more privately owned zoo. Usually these zoos have a lower operating budget so they welcome volunteers. They may even offer employment by using your volunteer experience. Senior volunteers depending on their experience may have the opportunity to work side by with a keeper.

The staff will love the extra hands on deck and the work is fascinating because you get to learn so much about each animal while watching them closely. If you volunteer in the spring or summer time it will be more beneficial because most of the animals will be having their young (and nothing is cuter than a baby kangaroo or a baby Bengal tiger).

Here are two zoos that offer a volunteer program:

Safari Niagara – Stevensville (Close to Niagara Falls), ON (Privately owned)

Toronto Zoo – Toronto, ON (Publically owned)

But don’t stop here, if have a zoo close to where you live, drop them an email to see if they offer a chance for you to volunteer.

Take it from me it, a summer at the zoo was the best summer of my life!


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