GOB bring their newest album to Kingston

A Review of pop-punk band’s latest studio album Apt. 13

GOB guitarist and vocalist Tom Thacker.
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GOB guitarist and vocalist Tom Thacker.

Vibrant guitar, beating drums and roaring vocal harmonies dominate most of GOB’s latest full-length album Apt. 13.

The result is an edgy punk-rock tone, enforced with raw energy and fine-tuned with years of practice. GOB’s sound seems decidedly reminiscent of Green Day, with hints of The Clash and The Ramones swirling underneath.

The first song on Apt. 13 is the title track, which swoops in and grabs the listener, immediately preparing them for a hard, rocky journey. Upbeat and hard-hitting from beginning to end, this track is the perfect way to start off the album.

Second track “Radio Hell” is momentous, showcasing the musical talent of lead guitarist Tom Thacker through a notable guitar solo, broken up by an intense set of vocals. The pace doesn’t die in the next song, “Same As It Ever Was”, which keeps the listener’s blood pumping. On this third track the vocals switch from the vigor of the previous tracks to a more buoyant yet steady sound. The next song, “Cold”, is a pop-punk number, a fun and refreshing change from the overall intensity felt so far with the album.

The next few tracks continue much in the same pattern. “Walking Alone” is angry and loaded with heavy guitar and dynamic and loud vocals. Heavy on percussion, “New York” features a more easygoing but still emotionally-charged sound, giving listeners a bit of a break.

Using strong instrumentals and vocal intensity, the energy and drive is apparent in their songs. Still, they’re able to regulate the sound in a way that comes off polished.

Unseasoned bands in this genre will often lack control, but this is where GOB differs. They show a clear mastery of their style in Apt. 13 as well as previous albums, which makes their music stand above average.

Apt. 13 keeps its audience intrigued until the very end, leaving us with, “Call For Tradition”, a softer and more experimental sound. It’s a step out of sync with the rest of the album.

GOB performs at the Mansion on Oct. 22.


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