The Wilderness of Manitoba kicks off North American tour

The well-experienced band promotes their new album Between Colours

The Wilderness of Manitoba just released their sixth studio album.
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The Wilderness of Manitoba just released their sixth studio album.

Fresh off the release of their sixth album Between Colours, the Wilderness of Manitoba is preparing to go on tour to promote their newest arrangement of eclectic tunes.

Between Colours was released in Canada a little over a month ago on Sept. 16. The band consists of members Amanda Balsys on vocals, Wes McClintock on bass guitar and Will Whitwham on vocals and drums. The band isn’t new to producing music, and this album is an extension of their newly revitalized dream-pop and folk sound.

Balsys, who recently joined the band’s lineup in 2012, commented on the differences in each member’s musical background and how those differences attribute to their sound.

“We all come from eclectic backgrounds musically, which is great because we [each] bring lots to the table in terms of song-writing,” she said. “I joined in 2012, and the band has definitely gone through lots of lineup changes — but it just means that the music is always changing and growing.”

The Wilderness of Manitoba originally formed in 2009, and soon after gained a heavy fan base that led to the success of their band — they’ve released six albums and EPS since 2009. Some of these include The Hymns of Love and Spirits (2009), When You Left The Fire (2010) and Island of Echoes (2012).

The band is unique in that they consciously work on evolving musically with each album, so each work has a sound that’s truly distinct from the others.

“The last album, Island of Echoes was a lot more ethereal-based, strings heavy sound,” Balsys said. “Whereas the newest release [Between Colours] is loud, poppy and hooky with a big bottom end from the drums and bass.”

The band is influenced by a variety of widely known artists such as Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell, and these influences come through in the process of music-making, Balsys said.

“Subconsciously, what we listen to as a band and as individuals informs what we play and how we play it, for sure,” she said.

The Wilderness of Manitoba is an experienced ensemble that has toured places like Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the United States, among others.

The band is working on setting up another European tour for Between Colours. Currently, they’re touring through cities in North America, including Kingston.

Through their extensive tours in places in Europe, the band has gained valuable experience that isn’t the same as actually travelling on vacation, the lead singer said.

“Touring is great. Sometimes it’s really tough and tiring — it’s not travelling, by any means,” Balsys said. “You don’t get to stay and sightsee, or really travel properly. But you get to meet fans and see lots of unique little things that you wouldn’t normally see.”

The Wilderness of Manitoba performs at The Mansion on Oct. 24.


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