Let’s hear it for audiobooks

We should celebrate the return of recorded literature

In the unpredictable world of the publication markets, only one product steadily continues to rise in popularity.

Considering the bad rap they’ve previously been met with, audiobooks are one of the only literary media outlets that currently outperform in their sales. Given their new accessibility through audio platforms like Audible it’s no wonder this is the case.

Having garnered a renewed popularity, it’s clear that audiobooks are going to be around for a while and given their highly portable nature and easy access, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

As well as this portability, audiobooks function as a great de-stresser. Everyone knows the joy of curling up with a good book but many of us don’t have the time to do so because of work, school or social commitments. In comparison, audiobooks can relax you no matter the time, place or size of your bag.

Where once you could either come home from work and read or go to bed, there’s now even more media outlets vying for your attention – it’s no surprise there’s been a shift towards a more twenty-first century style of reading.

And many people like to read, as is indicated by the industry push to sell books during peak periods. But it’s where these peak periods lie on the calendar, in the summer and near holidays, that show the issue isnt solely with reading popularity but also with the availability of the readers during the school year. Having these audiobooks available to listen to on-the-go eliminates the issue of a busy schedule and gives you access to your favourite reads even when you’re pressed for time.

It has been shown that people are capable of demonstrating the same knowledge whether it comes from an audiobook or a physical one. The story is still there, but audiobooks make the story available for many more people with busy schedules and that’s why they’re sticking around for good. 

Although this convenience is a major reason for their success, another benefit of this medium is its capability to augment a regular reading experience. If you’ve ever listened to one, you already know how magical it can be. Audiobooks aren’t simply books being read aloud, they’re more of a performance piece than plain old textand it can’t be understated how big of a difference that is.

At its heart, a book is just a story documented by words on paper. Audiobooks have the unique ability to relay the tone and theatrics intended by the author while also being more accessible to people than ever before. Really, audiobooks are just another way of reading that adheres to the millennial lifestyle.

And they’re far cheaper than their physical counterparts – so it’s unsurprising we’re seeing their significant rise in popularity.

The trend in more people listening to audiobooks is clearly not going away, but that seems to be a very good thing. Audiobooks blend easily with our fast-paced lifestyles while also giving the fulfillment of entertainment – something which should never be underestimated.


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