Need A Valentine’s Day Plan? Bake Some Brie

By Trilby Goouch

Blogs Editor

Happy Valentine’s Day! Single or not, Valentine’s Day calls for spending the night with a special someone, whether that be your long term gf, bf or your best friend. Our prescription for the perfect night? Why not bake some brie, uncork a bottle of wine (or two), get some blankets and put on a movie. Not only is it affordable (our meal cost a total of $20), but it also saves you venturing out to a restaurant (only to find it’s packed by 5:30 p.m.). It also allows you to spend some quality time cozying up with your loved one or bestie.

Baked Brie
What you need

• 1 wheel of brie (ours cost $5.99 … gotta love Metro’s Selection brand)

• 2 Pillsbury croissant rolls

• Jam of choice

• Fruit of choice (we used strawberries, grapes and apples)


Preheat oven to 350 F.

Roll out first tin of croissants on a clean cutting board; remove two corner triangles and set aside.

Spread jam liberally onto the flat croissant dough; place wheel of brie in centre.

Fold and wrap dough around the wheel, pressing in place; fill any gaps with the two triangles you set aside.

Open up the other tin; unroll and make individual croissants (one tin makes eight).

Place everything on a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes.

Place baked brie, croissants and fruit on a platter (bonus points for food presentation).

Now put on that movie, uncork your bottle of wine, get out some warm blankets and dive in!


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