New council named

Commissioners and directors for 2013-14 announced last weekend

This past Sunday, incoming executive team BGP elected six new commissioners and three directors to manage the various portfolios of the AMS.

The new nine members of the council are responsible for a range of duties including planning events, overseeing the AMS’ organizations and businesses, liaising with the City and the administration and more.

Although the six new commissioners were excited to be hired, they were also relieved.

Academic Affairs Commissioner

Allison Williams

Williams, ArtSci ’14, is preparing to make the transition to AAC.

She said due to an issue related to her don duties on West Campus, she missed her bus to Main Campus for the interview for the position.

Luckily, she said, she was still able to make it on time.

“I actually ran to my interview,” she said.

“I’m dedicated,” she added with a laugh.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Kristen Olver

Olver, ArtSci ’13, currently works at CoGro. She’s planning on reviewing policy and getting herself familiar with her new position over the next two months.

“When I was hired, I was extremely excited. My housemates were jumping and screaming in the background [when I got the call],” she said.

“I feel extremely lucky to be doing this.”

Her first order of business will be getting her team to become close so they can efficiently work together, she said.

Campus Activities Commissioner

Gareth Savage

As Academics Chair for ASUS, Savage, ArtSci ’13, oversaw the organization of the events and he co-chaired on the “Last Lecture on Earth” series in 2011-12. Now he’ll be overseeing all AMS campus events.

“I am really fortunate to be in this position,” he said.

“My gut reaction when the interview ended was [that] it went well.”

His said his next step will be looking for ways to improve the campus events.

He added that he believes his approachability will allow students to feel comfortable telling him what they want to see.

Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability

Colin Robinson

After deputy for the commission, Robinson, ArtSci ’13, said he wants to make students more aware of his new position.

“I want to get people involved who are enthusiastic and energetic about planning campus events,” said Robinson, co-chair of humanitarian organization Right to Play @ Queen’s.

He plans to get the students involved via class talks and going out and seeking students by meeting them face-to-face.

Social Issues Commissioner

Michelle Williams

After volunteering within the SIC for the past three years, Williams, ArtSci ’13, will follow up her role as deputy of publications for the SIC and make the leap to oversee the entire commission.

“I am incredibly passionate about the work the SIC does, and will be able to bring that passion,” she told the Journal via email.

She added that wants to start a dialogue on how to make the Queen’s community more equitable.

Municipal Affairs Commissioner

Catherine Wright

Wright, ArtSci ’14, said she wants to gain a wider understanding of the respective interests of the City and Queen’s students.

“My strongest asset is my motivation,” said Wright, AMS opportunities and outreach coordinator.

She said she believes her genuine care another asset. She plans to explore the issues of property standards and the vulnerability students face in regards to landlords.

Hospitality and Safety Service Director

Justin Reekie

Currently an assistant manager at CoGro, Reekie, Arts ’13, said he plans to work on the hiring process for the managers for Queen’s Student Constables.

“My next steps will be developing the interview questions, setting up the interviews and looking at prospective candidates,” he said.

He believes that he will be able to build relationships with the incoming members and that having that quality is important for his position.

Retail Service Director

Daniel Bone

Bone, Comm ’14, worked as a campaign manager for TNL in the past elections as well as HR deputy.

The position is something he wanted for a while and he’s ecstatic to be a part of the team this year, he said.

“In this role, I am going to show a commitment to the services that I will be overseeing,” he said. “I plan to lead by example.”

He wants to focus on gaining the respect of the people that he works with.

Director of Media Services

Devin McDonald

McDonald, ArtSci ’13, said his passion for media comes from his previous experience as Editor in Chief with Inquire Magazine.

He wants to be the type of leader that actively seeks out the services that he oversees and deals with their issues.

“I think it is important that a director has a really good grasp of their services, to get to know the broader issues,” he said.



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