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Frats amendment passes first reading at assembly

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A motion to amend a section of the AMS Constitution on fraternities and sororities was passed last night in its first reading at AMS Assembly. Before the changes are official it must go through a second reading, which will occur on Jan. 31.

The changes were made to section 7.01.03 of the Constitution which bans all fraternities and sororities and subjects members to penalty through appropriate tribunal. In its first reading, the amendment to the Constitution states that the AMS won’t recognize external affiliated organizations that are exclusive in membership, and any such organization won’t have access to the Society’s resources.

Mira Dineen, AMS vice-president of university affairs, said the revision brings the Constitution in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code, which prohibits discrimination.

“The [executive] went back to look at records from the 1930’s in order to see how they defined fraternities and sororities and their discussion helped our discussions on this,” she said.

— Vincent Matak


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