Three teams to vie for AMS executive

Teams BGP, PDA and TNL officially launched their executive campaigns at midnight

Left to Right: Eril Berkok
Image by: Alex Choi
Left to Right: Eril Berkok

Candidates for this year’s AMS executive election were ratified last night at AMS Assembly, with three teams in the running.

Team BGP members include presidential candidate Eril Berkok, CompSci ’12, vice-president of operations candidate Peter Green, ArtSci ’13, and vice-president of university affairs candidate TK Pritchard, ArtSci ’12.

Team PDA consists of Alexander Prescott, ArtSci ’14, who is running for president, vice-president of operations candidate Craig Draeger, ArtSci ’13, and vice-president of university affairs candidate Lisa Acchione, ArtSci ’14.

Team TNL is made up of presidential candidate Troy Sherman, ArtSci ’14, vice-president of operations candidate Nicola Plummer, Comm ’13, and vice-president of university affairs candidate Liam Faught, ArtSci ’14.

The campaign period officially began at midnight and will continue until Jan. 28. The election dates are Jan. 29 and 30. For full AMS and faculty election coverage, follow the Journal and in the upcoming weeks.


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