Purba wins COMPSA presidency

Sahib Purba, CompSci ’15, was elected as president of the Computing Students’ Association (COMPSA) Wednesday night.

Purba awaited the news with friends at the Queen’s Pub. After receiving the call notifying him of the results, he pumped a fist in the air and his friends erupted into a cheer as they realized he had won.

“My campaign worked well. I connected with a lot of the students,” Purba, CompSci ’15, said.

He said he thinks it was the strength of his platform that resulted in his win.

“[The students] really agreed with my campaign,” he said.

That campaign included promising students more faculty events and a stronger presence on campus.

“One of the first things I’m going to is the CSS [COMPSA Site Services],” he said. “I want that to build and take off.”

One of the events that he wants to tackle is Homecoming; he hopes to reach out to alumni.

“I’m going to start planning the events for homecoming maybe even this year,” he said. “This is the 10th year of COMPSA, I really want to make it big.”

He said he’s very grateful for all of the students that supported him and went out and voted.

“I want to make this year big for the students and the faculty because when the students leave, the faculty remains, so I really want to do this for everyone.”

Purba’s opponent, Julia Duimovich, CompSci ’15, waited for the results at Clark Hall Pub. She said she’s happy with the way the campaign went.

“Sahib is going to do a really good job,” she said, adding that she will likely run for vice-president of academics in the upcoming by-election.

– With files from Joanna Plucinska



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