Team JAM takes CESA elections

Team JAM were announced the victors this evening in the election for the Concurrent Education Students’ Association executive.

The team, consisting of president-elect Alex Marshall, external vice-president-elect Hannah Miller and internal vice-president-elect Jake Ferguson, learned of the results while gathered with their opponents, team MiDAs.

“We’re really excited to get going on all of our promises,” Marshall, ConEd ’14, said.

JAM plans on implementing their plan for a new Con-Ed scholarship right away.

“I’m really excited to be able to recognize all of the different students in Con-Ed and all of their great accomplishments,” Miller, ConEd ’14, said. “We’ve worked so hard for this. It’s really nice to feel that it’s paid off.” They’re also looking forward to the hiring process in early March.”

“We’re excited to see who we get to work with for all of next year,” Marshall said.

As per tradition, the CESA executive candidates met at Fanatics Sports Lounge and bonded over nachos.

“I had no idea [we had won] until the phone rang,” Marshall said.

This is the first time in five years that a team hasn’t run unopposed for CESA.

“Being able to run against a team made us better and made people in Con-Ed more interested in what was going on,” Miller said.

Ferguson, Con-Ed ’14, added that it was a step toward making Con-Ed more inclusive.

Even though team MiDAs didn’t win, the candidates said they’re still glad they ran.

“It was an awesome experience. It really reinforced that we work well as a team,” internal vice-presidential candidate Dana Jones said.

External vice-presidential candidate Brandon Asselbergs added that he was happy to see two teams running. “The support that we got during the nomination period and during the campaign was phenomenal. It was really rewarding,” Asselbergs, Con-Ed ’14, said.

“We wish the best to team JAM. We hope they have a fantastic year and do a lot of great things for our year,” Jones, Con-Ed ’14, said.



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