SGPS officially out of Grey House

The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) will no longer administer space in the Grey House as of May 1, making the house an exclusively AMS-run space.

The Grey House, located on campus at 51 Bader Lane near Victoria Hall, was originally part of the Student Life Centre and was divided between the AMS and the SGPS. Because the AMS predominantly uses the space, it was logical to make the space exclusively administered by the AMS, according to Jessamine Luck, AMS Marketing and Communications Officer. 

An AMS press release on April 22 announced the change.

SGPS president, Chris Cochrane, said he agreed with the AMS. He added that the move is primarily an administrative change. 

“[The move] will allow the AMS to more efficiently administer the space, and frees up resources for the SGPS to put towards our own initiatives,” Cochrane said.

The transition won’t impact SGPS services, but AMS clubs will be able to apply for space in the Grey House for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

The clubs and groups that are currently in the Grey House, including Queen’s First Aid and the Levana Society, will remain there for the upcoming year.

Cochrane said he remains confident that all services offered by the AMS in the Grey House will continue to be open for SGPS members as well.

“For instance, while the Sexual Health Resource Centre recently transitioned from being ratified under the AMS to the SGPS, its services have remained available to all AMS members, as well as the broader Kingston community,” Cochrane said.


Grey House, News in Brief

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