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Our favourite television characters

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Marshall Eriksen’s quirky humour separates him as a comfort character.

Watching How I Met Your Mother is akin to snuggling up in a cozy, warm robe that’s just been picked from the dryer after a grueling day of obligations, and Marshall Eriksen adds to this sense of comfort.

Marshall embodies the best-friend trope. His unwavering loyalty, kind-heartedness, and quirky humour make him relatable and endearing.

Marshall’s friendship with Ted is a perfect example of his loyalty.

He’s always there to lend support and advice, even when it’s inconvenient for him. When Ted decides to move to Chicago, Marshall helps pack his apartment and says goodbye with a heavy heart, despite not wanting him to leave.

Marshall’s kindness and teddy bear-like qualities are evident in his relationship with Lily. He expresses his love for her by supporting her dreams, even giving up his law career in New York to support her new job in Rome.

Though he can be a bit of a pushover, his willingness to forgive her is a true testament of his character

His quirky humour, love for puns, environmentalist outlook, obsession with finding Bigfoot, tendency to sing-song narrate everything, and unique interests never fail to bring a smile to my face.

—Skylar Soroka, Assistant News Editor

Often individuals find themselves reflecting on well-done television shows or movies, the enticement to rewatch situated on the media’s artistic expression or the dramatic plot lines that kept audiences on the edge of their seat.

Rather, I find myself rewatching shows solely for the characters—specifically, the ones who aren’t the lead, who were positioned to be comedic relief, were too ‘weird’ for their crush to notice them yet had you falling in love with them. The funny best friend, if you will.

Who better an example of such a perfect trope than Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf

Stiles is the epitome of adoration. His sarcasm is comedic, he’s kind-hearted, loyal, sometimes socially awkward yet incredibly bright, all of which made him easy to love. Like all people, he’s flawed.

He gave me a sense of comfort I couldn’t find in other characters. His sarcasm and mischief reflected qualities I saw in myself, his pining over a girl had me wishing to be loved the same, and his unconditional loyalty was admirable. 

Fair to say I rewatch Teen Wolf primarily for Stiles. Plus, he’s played by Dylan O’Brien… what more can you ask for. 

— Maddie Hunt, Senior Lifestyle Editor

When I was about 14 years old, I tumbled my way into being a bit of a comic book nerd—and it all started with Loki. I got into Loki through the Marvel movies of course, but I wanted to read more about Tom Hiddleston’s iconic character, so I became heavily invested in the comic book character. 

Loki encompasses everything I like about those mischievous trickster-type characters. He’s wry, funny, witty, and fun. In Marvel comics, he makes fun little appearances, playing both villain and ally and providing whatever the narrative needs. But on his own, I see him as a deeper examination of storytelling.

His best comic run, Agent of Asgard, is a fun romp that ends with a fascinating look at the nature of storytelling and Loki’s legacy as a villain in Marvel characters. It’s a story I appreciate a lot as an aspiring writer, and the art is gorgeous and fun, drawn by Lee Garnet, an artist I admire so much.

I’m not into comic books like I used to be, but every once in a while, I turn back to my favourite comic runs for comfort. They remind me of why I like to write and draw and create, and Loki is a touchstone for that passion.  

— Clanny Mugabe, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

My go-to comfort character is Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Yes, I know everyone hates her, but hear me out.

Whenever I’m feeling sad, under the weather, or not quite myself, I turn on Gilmore Girls. It’s truly my comfort show; its niche humour, cozy vibes, and quirky characters never fail to make me feel better. I don’t think any other show will ever come close.

When I was in high school, I based my personality off Rory (and Hermione Granger, obviously). I thought no character had ever been so like me. Yes, Rory makes some stupid decisions and doesn’t know how to take criticism, but isn’t that true of most of us? It’s certainly true of me.

At the very least, Rory can be counted on to read on a park bench, eat a lot of breakfast food, and get mad at Paris. There’s no better trope than the ‘not like other girls’ girl who likes books more than boys. Rory brings me comfort.

—Julia Harmsworth, Managing Editor


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