Vogue Charity Fashion Show sells out the Grand Theatre

Annual fundraiser dedicates efforts to Pathways to Education

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The performance theme was “Saw You in a Dream.”

Show week for the team of the largest student-run fashion show in Canada was a raving success in the eyes of the attendees. Vogue Charity Fashion Show (VCFS) strutted their year-long efforts this past weekend at the Kingston Grand Theatre. 

The three-hour extravaganza comprised of seven scenes under the theme of “Saw You in a Dream.” Each scene had a collection modelled, a musical performance, dance choreography, and a designer video accompanying it, creating a multi-medium experience for viewers. 

The show opened with Folklore designed by Sierra Robinson. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac was the song of choice for Jenny Austin, Katie Goddard, Rachel Heaney, and Logan Cohen—and a perfect one, as the collection showcased a neutral colour palette with the incorporation of quilts, to crochets, to linens in the designs, emulating a dreamy cottage-core aesthetic. 

The choreography of the model scene had the perfect amount of drama with the song slowing midway and tiled posing across the stage. 

Celestial was up next with the accompanying musical number being a hauntingly beautiful cover of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” by Julia Deuville. Two dancers complemented the performance with an intimate, breath-taking choreography. They engaged in an armed struggle near the end of the performance while looking up to the sky, truly giving an out-of-this-world experience.

The third scene, Sweet Disposition by Karen Au, brought Victorian-era romance to its designs. A gold, red, and cream colour palette flattered the gorgeous designs and perfectly accompanied the scene, giving goosebumps when the song “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap came on. 

The musical performance in the scene had three out of five of the members of Kings of Queens accompany Sarah Elop and Julia Deuville for a rich rendition of “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer. 

Haunted came next, shifting the show to feel more eery, as “Creep” by Radiohead was performed by Ally Bazuk, Gina Spencer, Jenny Austin, Tami Schoijett, and Zaid Kasim, and it was done extremely well. Kasim’s commitment to the emotions of the song went a long way and opened the scene strongly. 

The designs were a gorgeous combination of lingerie styles mixed with a haunted wedding party and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Those modelling the designs aided in the transition into the dance number, which starkly contrasted the show’s contemporary choreography leading up to that point. The number leaned heavily into hip-hop and brought the crowd’s energy high.

With the men’s scene up next, a referee made their way to centre stage before calling out the models for a performance mixing Magic Mike and Creed together. The performers were clearly enjoying themselves and kept the audience engaged. With intermission occurring thereafter, everyone was excited for the second half. 

Nostalgia was channeled in the next scene Pursuit of Happiness, with playful designs emulating the early 2000s and fun outfits we all wish we could’ve worn in grade school. 

The dance number for this scene was a standout, as the choreographers combined South Asian traditional dance—known as Banghra—with contemporary hip-hop. The dancers themselves were cheesing throughout as the crowd went wild in response to the cultural ensemble. 

The notorious lingerie scene came next with an excitingly choreographed routine for models to follow that kept the audience engaged and cheering the entire time. 

This scene welcomes anyone from the VCFS team to power walk across the stage and celebrate intimacy and all body types. Emily Gwin, Reya Hanspal, and Brooke Benaim deserve a massive congratulations for the seamless success of this scene. 

Lights, Glitz, and Glamour and Love My Way were the last two scenes of the show and both perfectly emulating the themes of each title. 

Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Ray were channeled as musical inspirations for the former, alongside a purple, red, black and white colour scheme representing royalty, fame, and elegance. 

The latter had “Don’t Stop Me Now” by The Beatles, “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, and “Feeling Myself” by Beyonce playing throughout the ensemble—a perfect feel-good playlist. At the end of this scene’s dance number, the dancers threw flower petals into the air and took the audience’s breath away. 

VCFS once again gave more than what was needed and did it wonderfully. The world of VCFS will live in all our dreams after this weekend.


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