Stylin’ the ‘stache

Say goodbye to the dirt 'stache with the following tips and tricks

When it comes to mustaches, there’s a thin line between looking like an 80s porn star and a dapper gentleman. 

If you’re growing a ‘stache for Movember — the sexiest month of the year — make sure it’s styling by following these tips and tricks. 

Select a style

Before you commit to the grooming process, make sure you know what you want your ‘stache to look like. Do you dream of having Freddie Mercury’s famous handlebar? Are you a fan of Chaplin’s toothbrush look? Or is Hulk Hogan’s horseshoe moustache your heart’s desire?

Clean the curls

A musty moustache isn’t a good look, and it’ll feel pretty gross. Make sure to actually wash your moustache and beard! Shampoo and condition regularly to keep your locks fluffy and fresh. If you’re feeling really fancy, use argon oil or coconut oil to lock in some moisture. A moisturized mo is a happy and itch-free mo.

Brush the bristles

The first step to styling your moustache is combing it so that all the hairs are neatly aligned and ready for trimming and wax. Brush in the direction of where you want the wax to go to make it easier for you later.

Trim the thatch 

I know the point of Movember is to grow a moustache, but do you really want to walk around with a bush on your unruly face? Trim your ‘stache so that it looks clean and neat. If you trim it up past your lip, you can eat without getting crumbs in your moustache — your face isn’t the place to save a snack for later! It’s also easier to style your facial hair when it doesn’t look like a rat’s nest. 

Wax the whiskers

Apply a small dollop of wax to your mo’ and use a small comb to brush it through. Once you’ve brushed it through, you can use your fingers to curl and twirl your way to fancy facial hair.

If you don’t want your mo’ to move, use a hairdryer to (very carefully) heat up the wax before you style it. As the wax sets, customize your look until you’re satisfied. Make sure you go fast though, because your wax will harden pretty quickly. 

Don’t forget to read the label before you take a hairdryer to your wax, because some waxes may not be suitable for heating up. 

You may find you need to use some tools to get your ‘stache looking just the way you want it. A pencil can help you get the perfect evil super villain curl. You could also go wild and dye your ‘stache bright orange. It’s up to you! Get creative — now is the time to experiment, because it’s all for a good cause. 

Don’t forget that Movember is all about raising awareness and money for prostate cancer. Set up your fundraising page at and give as you grow.


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