Talking Heads: What will you miss most about working for The Journal?

Talking heads… with this year’s outgoing staff

Image by: Kia Kortelainen

“Flirting with my coworkers.”

Ghazal Baradari-Ghiami, Vol 144 Video Editor


“Living across the street.”

Blake Canning, Vol 144 Assistant News Editor


“Pineapples on the pizza.”

Auston Chhor, Vol 144 Photographer 


“Making fun of the Ops Editor.”

Zachary Chisamore, Vol 144 Copy Editor 


“The people here.”

Morgan Dodson, Vol 144 Assistant News Editor


“The comments section.”

Victoria Gibson, Vol 144 News Editor


“The pressure, man. It’s so cut throat here.”

Vincent Lin, Vol 144 Editorials Illustrator


“The staff, they’re magical and I’ll miss them all.”

Sarah O’Flaherty, Vol 144 Assistant Sports Editor


“Listening to the same Chance album every day.”

Ramna Safeer, Vol 144 Editorials Editor


“Late nights ;)”

Erika Streisfield, Vol 144 Arts Editor



Kayla Thomson, Vol 144  Production Manager


“This guy!!!”

Arththy Valluvan, Vol 144 Opinions Editor


“Having a captive audience.”

Mikayla Wronko, Vol 144 Features Editor



Jenna Zucker, Vol 144 Lifestyle Editor


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