Varsity athletes reflect on five-year careers

Singh and Pearson talk Gaels basketball

Sukhpreet Singh is Queen’s all-time leading scorer.
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Sukhpreet Singh is Queen’s all-time leading scorer.

What it was like to put on the jersey the first time for Queen’s? 

“I think the first time I put on the jersey was for an intersquad scrimmage actually. Pretty surreal sliding into it for sure. That gold is such a unique colour, and I was so excited to wear it.” 

— Robyn Pearson, women’s basketball 

“We actually played North Eastern in August before we started first year, which is actually a Division 1 school.  We were all pretty nervous, I got to start that game and I wasn’t expecting that at all, especially as a first year, but to put on that jersey and represent the school and do it with all my friends that were coming in that year, that was pretty special.” 

— Sukhpreet Singh, men’s basketball 

What was it like to come full circle and put the jersey on for that last game?

“I think for anyone who’s played varsity sports knows this feeling. The sight of it all coming to an end, the excitement of the last game ahead — for me it was the national bronze game, pretty good one to go out on — and the realization that this would be the very last time.” 

— Pearson

“That was tough. That whole day was tough. You have your routine that you do every day and you tie your shoes up for the last time, you have your last meal, just stuff like that, little stuff. You’ve done it for five years every single day so it was really emotional for me. Especially at the banquet after with friends and family, that was tough. But we went out on a win, so that was nice.” 

— Singh 

What do you hope to be remembered for?  

“To put it simply, I hope to be remembered as one of the greatest rebounders in OUA history, a great teammate, and an even better friend. This program and this university has given me so much, I would love for the program’s success to simply grow and continue from here.” 

— Pearson

“Oh man that’s tough. Just the epitome of Queen’s, I mean the all-encompassing character that a Queen’s Gael should embody and obviously one of the best players that played at Queen’s. I think I’m definitely up there and I’ve proven that over my career. Outside of that, just being a good character and person in the community.” 

— Singh

What’s next for you? 

“I think that basketball will definitely remain a part of my life, either playing in leagues, scrimmaging with university teams and coaching others, it will always be a very important part of myself and my life. As for what’s next, I will be turning to my freelance videography and photography business, Smooth Studios full time.” 

— Pearson  

“I obviously have hopes of playing next year, and we’ll see how that goes, but obviously that’s a tough thing to do, not a lot of people get a chance to play professionally. That’s obviously something I’m looking forward to but obviously there’s a plan B, and that’s to be a police constable so I’m obviously working toward that as well, so we’ll see what the future holds. One of those two, one of those two.” 

— Singh

If there was something you could say to your teammates now, what would it be?

“Remember that your biggest limitation is yourself. If you’re willing to work at basketball, your relationships in your life, and your school work or career, anything is possible. The first step is being ready to take that next step, from there, you just have to keep pushing. Oh, and don’t forget, once a Gael always a Gael. I love you guys.” 

— Pearson

“Appreciate every moment.  Every practice, every shoot around, every pre game talk. Every team bonding thing you have. You only have four or five years with your teammates and it’s probably the best four years of your life, I mean it was for me. Appreciate every little moment, the little things definitely.” 

— Singh 


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