The Vault Playlist: Past Acts of Wolfe Island

By The Vault


The Wolfe Island Music Festival is a great Kingston-area secret. The weekend in August has a very relaxed vibe, takes place in local restaurants and on the baseball diamond, with a continually impressive line-up of Canadian talent from all genres. This playlist consists solely of Canadian bands who have played at Wolfe Island from 2009-2012. So if you’re in the area this summer, check it out!

  1. Quarry Hymns
  2. Good Friend
  3. Sleep Patterns
  4. Lovely Allen
  5. Your Rocky Spine
  6. Be Back Soon
  7. Super Inuit
  8. The Valley Town
  9. Another Year Again
  10. Southern Drawl
  11. Sun In An Empty Room
  12. Frank, AB
  13. Bitches In Tokyo
  14. Asleep In The Pews
  15. Astronaut
  16. A Losing Song
  17. A Good Name

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