Two PHEKSA races are contested

Vice-president (operations) candidates speak to goals

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The Kinesiology building is home to many labs and class spaces. 

Queen’s Physical Health Education and Kinesiology Student Association (PHEKSA) executive elections are currently underway with the voting period being from Feb. 9 to 10. 

The new executive—consisting of a president, vice-president (university affairs), and vice-president (operations)—will be elected by Saturday. Vice-president (operations) is contested with three candidates, while the VPUA position is contested with two candidates. 

Only one candidate is running for the position of president. 

Running for vice-president operations is Payton Rix, Kin ’25, who previously worked as a Coach, and then served as Head Coach. She believes this experience will allow her to contribute immensely to the operations portfolio. 

“I have been on both sides of the hiring table. I have been through both the Coach and ECKO selection period and in addition, as Head Coach, I was responsible for hiring the 2023 ECKO,” Rix said in a statement to The Journal

Along with this experience, Rix served on the PHEKSA assembly as the second-year representative, which allowed her to appreciate the work of the organization. Through her various leadership roles, Rix said she has learned many important lessons. 

“These lessons combined with my commitment to and passion for the Faculty of Kinesiology make me an outstanding candidate for the vice-president (operations),” Rix said.

Another second-year student Anna Roper is running for the same position as Rix. Over the last two years, Roper has served as first year representative to PHEKSA, and the Junior Academics Commissioner. 

“These lessons combined with my commitment to and passion for the Faculty of Kinesiology make me an outstanding candidate for vice-president (operations),” Roper said in a statement to The Journal

Roper said she has grown to love the Kinesiology program and her fellow students, but added there is always room for improvement and growth if elected. 

“I would ensure to be someone approachable that students can depend upon to have their voices heard, ideas valued, and desires acted upon,” Roper said.

“I would create opportunities for students to get familiar with PHEKSA representatives by implementing informal, bi-weekly town halls for students to chat, ask questions, and voice concerns.” 

In addition to listening to students, Roper wishes to implement monthly stress-free events that work on a drop-in basis. This would help students from all years connect and develop connections, according to Roper.  

All other candidates were contacted by The Journal for comments, but they didn’t respond in time after multiple follow-up emails. 


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