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‘From One Place to Another: Wandering Art’ seeking site-specific work

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The Wandering Art Station [WAS].

In conjunction with their Feb. 8 reopening, Union Gallery is seeking proposals for a new project called From One Place to Another: Wandering Art.

The new project, set to run summer 2022, is a fresh take on the ‘gallery-on-wheels’ concept designed to present site-specific artwork. Successful applicants will be provided paid opportunities to present their work via the Wandering Art Station (WAS).

“When we were brainstorming ideas for the [WAS], there were a couple of different iterations,” project coordinator and curator GHY Cheung said in an interview with The Journal.

“Some of them were like a mobile gallery, something where you could hang things and [it] would just move around a [designated] space. What we ended up with was a bit more ambiguous, which I think was the goal so artists can use it in different ways.”

According to Cheung, the WAS can be both a mobile lab and vehicle artists can use to develop relationships in a dedicated space of their choosing. He said creating site-specific work is the main idea behind From One Place to Another: Wandering Art.

“[The WAS is meant] to encourage [artists] to have a long engagement, and not just jump into a space, roll out a piece of art, and then get out of there. [We want artists] to have that commitment to building relationships with the space and the public who use that space.”

Union Gallery is accepting proposals to get involved from professional artists and collectives based in the Katarokwi-Kingston region—Cheung did his best to define who qualifies as a ‘professional artist’ while assuring some flexibility.

“Usually, how a professional artist is defined by a lot of the different bodies in Canada [is] anyone who has specialized training, not necessarily at an academic institution, or has some sort of recognition from their peers or has a history of their artwork,” he said.

“It’s kind of a contentious definition, so we are fairly open with [it] on purpose. Because Union Gallery has a mandate to support student artists, especially at Queen’s, that will be taken into consideration when we’re doing selections.”

As the project coordinator, Cheung will oversee the selection committee that he anticipates being predominantly students involved with Union Gallery.

The deadline to submit proposals is Feb. 18. More information is available on Union Gallery’s website.


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