AMS services moving to LaSalle in early March

Move taking place as part of JDUC revitalization

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AMS executive confident there will be no impact on operations. 

AMS services and offices are planning to move to temporary locations ahead of the JDUC revitalization renovations, a project slated to start in May 2022. 

The revitalization of the JDUC is a $62.3 million development project funded by contributions from both students and the University. 

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In an email sent to The Journal, Tiana Wong, AMS Vice-President (Operations), detailed where services would be housed during construction. Some will move to the Queen’s Centre, while others will move to the Rideau building on Stuart Street. 

“The Printing & Copy Centre will be moving to the Queen’s Centre behind Common Ground […] Walkhome will take up a new home on the main floor of the Queen’s Centre, sharing a space with the Student Life Centre,” Wong said. 

AMS services like Tricolour Outlet, AMS Food Bank, StudioQ, and the Peer Support Centre will relocate to the Rideau building.

In an internal email sent by the AMS Student Life Centre (SLC), information regarding which services will move to the LaSalle building by the end of February or the beginning of March. 

According to said email, LaSalle will house all full-time AMS staff, IT offices, Human Resources, the Judicial Affairs Office, and the AMS front desk. 

Wong is confident the AMS services’ move will not impact their operations. She added the move will provide a unique opportunity to engage with first years. 

“We are excited to have some of our services so close to many first-year residences in the hopes of increasing our exposure to first-year students,” Wong said.


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