What to do in Kingston this winter

Winter activities to keep the cold from getting to you 

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
Kingston is beautiful in the wintertime.

Ice skating

This is one of those classic winter activities that almost everyone in Canada partakes in—as they should. While it may sound cliche to say go ice skating for fun, it’s a cliche for a reason.

Skating is a great, peaceful activity that combines fun and exercise, all while giving you an excuse to go outside. On top of all of that, it helps you stay warm since you’re moving your body so much.

You can go on your own and peacefully skate in circles, clearing your mind while getting some great fresh air. Or, you could go as a couple; skating is a classic date idea. You could even go with a group of friends. 

Kingston is special, with its beautiful scenery and accessible downtown. A trip down Princess St. can end with a visit to Springer Market Square, where the free ice rink provides ample opportunity for an impromptu skating session. The City of Kingston also hosts public skating at indoor rinks, which you can find classic date idea.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been skating for years, it’s a timeless winter activity that’s perfect to do in Kingston. 


Visit a local bakery or cafe 

In the same vein as ice skating, visiting a local bakery or cafe is a great way to warm up while running errands downtown or doing some shopping. 

If outdoor activities aren’t your speed, or it’s too cold to stay out for too long, take this as an opportunity to try new warm drinks and explore the city more. Kingston has a great community of local businesses and homegrown coffee shops it’s important to support.

While you’re strolling down Princess St., look for places like CRAVE or Sens Cafe, where you can warm up, contribute to the community, and eat some amazing food. 

Go to a Frontenacs game

One of the best things about Kingston is how close everything is. You don’t need to trek through the snow for long to get to any fun events. That works out well for this activity: heading to a Frontenacs home game.

The Leon’s Centre is just a quick walk off Princess St. Grab tickets in the morning, do a myriad of activities in the afternoon, and head to the evening game right after the sun sets. This is your opportunity to take advantage of Kingston’s local sports culture and show some support.

Frontenacs tickets are a great present for that hockey fan in your friend group, and a great way to take your family out to watch something fun. Hockey is a time-honoured Canadian staple, and a winter sport most people enjoy—you can’t go wrong.

Throughout the winter, the Leon’s Centre is hosting over 30 Frontenacs home games, so you have plenty of options.

There’s never been a better time to go, either, as this hockey season, the Frontenacs will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary.

Go on a winter walk

Let’s be real: we all like to complain about the cold, the snow, the ice, and the weather. It makes great small talk. However, there’s a reason people from all over the world come to Canada to enjoy the winters. On the right day, its beautiful.

Crisp, cool, dry air is a welcome change from stuffy humidity. Sunlight reflects the snow and makes the world seem brighter. Without the heat, there’s no bugs, so you can go out on a warmer snowy day and not have to worry about flies or mosquitos attacking you while you’re trying to get some fresh air. 

So, enjoy it. Go on a winter walk. Kingston is home to some great walking trails, or you could just make a trip to the pier and back and listen to the waves. 

It’s worth it just to enjoy the simple beauty of Kingston, with no frills and no activities. Just grab a pair of headphones and take a brisk walk. 


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