When I finished The Last of Us  video game for the first time back in 2018, I cried, and then immediately played it again. 
People love what they love because of how it moves them.
It’s that time of year again, and like every big Queen’s event that enables a street party on Aberdeen, certain colour-coordinated attire is more creative than others.
Whether you love school or hate it, everyone can relate to pre-exam anxiety.
Hair: its colour, length, and style has strings attached when understanding our everyday beauty practices and ideas of attraction.
Netflix dropped season four of You this month, giving us the latest of rare-book-collector-turned-serial-killer Joe Goldberg’s exploits.
An advantage of university student life is the ability to meet an array of people with varying interests, dislikes, and priorities. There a lot of ‘character archetypes’ at Queen’s, and with them come positives and negatives.

Roses, buds, and thorns

March 17, 2023
Going to an overnight summer camp is a rite of passage for preteens. So, a week after my eleventh birthday, I stuffed my trunk with friendship bracelet string and well-worn t-shirts before embarking on the summer experience for which I’d always longed. 
I come from a line of strong women, something my mom never fails to remind me of on calls home. 
In the world of online dating, it’s a delight to stumble upon profiles that ignite the spark of laughter, the warmth of joy, and leave the heart longing for more.  
Our beloved campus is filled with all kinds of characters. As I venture to and from classes, I often find myself people watching and observing the masses, mentally categorizing them based on the interactions I’ve had with similarly dressed folks over my four years of undergrad.  
In honour of International Women’s Day this past Wednesday, I gathered a group of responses from the Queen’s student body to spotlight various women who inspire us every day.
If you’re a menstruator under the age of 40, there’s a good chance you use an app to track your period.
Your order is served: the abolishment of the celebrity fast food meals.  
I’m a perfectionist.
Buccal fat removals, lip fillers, butt lifts and more—it seems like every day there’s a new type of plastic surgery taking the internet like storm.
The 57th annual Super Bowl took place on Feb. 12, and while some watch the Super Bowl for football (weird), many watch it for the halftime show.
With the abundance of reality television series on streaming services and satellite television, it’s hard not to indulge yourself. Even those who say they don’t like reality TV have watched at least one, whether it’s Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle (THTH), The Circle, or The Mole.
At the 2023 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, the decoration of our on-screen favourites was highly anticipated—but before that begins, the real fun starts on the red carpet.

It’s all AAVE

February 17, 2023
Internet lingo rises to prominence and falls into obscurity rapidly. Anyone who has had any exposure to spaces like Twitter, TikTok, or the once-popular Vine, might have noticed this.
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