Trains, queerness, and dentistry don’t seem like they should go together, but in Suzette Mayr’s Giller Prize-awarded novel The Sleeping Car Porter, the seemingly divergent converge.
The vibrant film community of Kingston had five days filled with cinema over the weekend hosted by the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. Last Friday, Den Mother Crimson premiered at the Kingston Grand Theatre where the cast and production team walked the red carpet. 
Morgan Wallen made a strong return with the highly anticipated One Thing At A Time two years after his Billboard Top Country Album, Dangerous: The Double Album. 

What’s your medium?

March 10, 2023
Creative projects that stem from visual creation—in this case painting and screen printing—allow for works to be produced where there was nothing before, taking an ideafrom one’s imagination and translating it onto a canvas to be observed by the masses.
Verona is coming in hot at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival starting today.
The first instalment of “Spoiled,” a new art project started by Kingston-based artist Francisco Corbett, is set to debut Thursday, March 2 at the Kingston School of Art & Window Art Gallery.
It was worth being in Kingston for at least one night this reading week when Gnarfunkel, Nice On, and Kyra Johnson rocked the Mansion on Friday Feb. 24.
When Blake Dean heard The Band for the first time, he had yet to realize the influence the group would have on him in later years.
Having lived in Kingston for years, Winsom Winsom’s been on the Kingston Racial Harmony board and has been involved with the International Centre at Queen’s to foster equity and inclusion within the city and student community.

The effects of TikTok on music

February 17, 2023
Media is becoming more truncated than ever, with short-form entertainment becoming not only a preference but a necessity. 
Queen’s Black Fashion Association (QBFA) is in its second year at the university, continuing to create a space dedicated to inclusion while paying homage to the foundation of Black culture within contemporary trends.  
The Kingston creative writing community came together at The Merchant on Monday, Feb. 13, to celebrate A Is for Acholi, a poetry collection by Queen’s Assistant Professor of Gender Studies and English Juliane Okot Bitek.
Dan Studio Series (DSS) is premiering its 2023 show this week after a semester of creative thinking and hard work.
The air is still crisp, but hearts are warm during the week before Valentine’s Day—tis the season for movies about love that couples will enjoy and with which singles will comfort themselves.
When Daniel Gold graduated from the Film & Media Program at Queen’s nearly ten years ago, his dream was clear—but how to get there wasn’t.
The adage “boys don’t cry” is obviously untrue in both Hollywood and real life, but films have prescribed a narrow set of circumstances in which it’s permissible for male characters to cry without risking their manhood.
This past Friday, student-led band Rooftop Caravan stormed into the Mansion with their guitars in hand and sunglasses on.
My first-time hearing ABBA was at my grandmother’s house, mixed into her oldie’s playlist with artists like Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Michael Jackson.
Last week was an exciting one for Vogue Charity Fashion Show (VCFS) who will walk the runway in the Grand Theatre next month.

What’s your medium?

February 3, 2023
Food is our sustenance. We consume to nourish ourselves, but the enjoyment we derive from the right flavour profiles hitting our taste buds keeps us coming back for certain cuisines. 
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