Canada’s new alcohol consumption guidelines are a rude awakening.
We’re discovering generosity has limits. 
Kingston and Queen’s’ artistic offerings are not what usually meet the eye of typical students, but the community’s vibrancy is impossible to ignore once you become involved.
Now more than ever, truth and accuracy matter. 
It’s 2023 and the bars still aren’t safe enough.
It’s scary to imagine a world where mental health crises surpass physical complications and disease.
Responsible sports betting is possible, but gamblers should proceed with caution.
Student journalism is an essential service that student governments must respect—but respect goes both ways.
The six days after Christmas are filled with thoughts of the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration. 
It’s a familiar scene: female relatives bustling in the kitchen while everyone else sits enjoying the holiday.
Anyone who’s tried to take a vacation in the last few years knows travel isn’t what it used to be. 
New year, new artificial intelligence (AI), and new threats to academic integrity. 
Imagine this: you dedicated your life to something, worked hard, and now, finally, you’re seeing the dividends of your efforts. 
Queen’s Finance Association (QFA) had its activities suspended this month following a serious incident of non-academic misconduct. 
Whether it’s Spider-Man slinging from web to web, Batman firing up the Batmobile, or Wonder Woman wielding the Lasso of Truth, superheroes are a defining feature of many childhood memories.
Swifties wasted no time advocating for concertgoers when the Verified Fan Presale for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour descended into chaos on Nov. 15. 
For many students, feelings of indecisiveness or confusion regarding their future career is normal.
Though it can be mentally draining trying to stay politically engaged these days, evidence of the rewards of community engagement on all levels is everywhere we look—most obviously in the U.S. with the recent midterm elections. 

Summer in Kingston is a must

November 18, 2022
A Kingston summer is unforgettable. 

Bodies aren’t fashion trends

November 18, 2022
Mild panic has overtaken the internet recently, with fashion blogs declaring low rise jeans and other Y2K trends cool again.
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