Sex, intimacy, and romance are considered private affairs—until a couple’s ages becomes subject to public critique, that is.
Photos are great, but they’re no substitute for memories.
It’s a sad start to March for the Queen’s creative community.
Surrendering our privacy is normal these days, but it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. 
Climate change is a humanitarian crisis too.
If someone told you they believed ChatGPT was sentient, you might laugh.
Super Bowl LVII was historic in more than one sense.
Thank you for reading our second ever Black History Month issue. 

Treat yourself

February 17, 2023
We should use self-care to combat the pressures of university hustle culture. 
Not all of us love Valentine’s Day, but that shouldn’t mean everyone else can’t have fun.  

Pets aren’t property

February 14, 2023
Although we may think of our pets as children, legislation doesn’t. 
To understand unconscious bias, you also need to accept one basic fact: the systems we grow up in are inherently racist. 

Too much democracy is bad

February 10, 2023
The conventional community input process is broken. 
Although it’s essential to make lectures engaging, professors should not sacrifice effective teaching structures in the interest of “fun.”
Competition has been said to breed excellence, but in the case of this AMS election season, it’s left us with nothing more than controversy and disappointment.
The recent uptick in violence on Toronto public transit prompted the city to respond with a greater police presence on trains, buses, and at TTC stations.
Welcome to the era of Queen’s OUA and U SPORTS dominance.
The Journal provides free space for parties on the referendum ballot. All statements are unedited.
A love of sport isn’t rare.
Queen’s should stop shortchanging faculty or risk further damaging its reputation.
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