Campus elections are now underway, with nominations opening across campus in faculty society and AMS elections. Prospective candidates need a certain number of signatures from students to be nominated.
AMS President Eric Sikich called an emergency virtual AMS Assembly meeting on the morning of Dec. 15 for later that day at 6 p.m. Assembly was supposed to vote on an addition to elections policy. 
The final AMS Assembly of 2022 convened Dec. 1 in Mitchell Hall immediately following the Corporate General Meeting.
At the Corporate General Meeting (CGM), stakeholders discussed the financial health and position of the corporate and government sides of the AMS. 

AMS Fall in review

November 25, 2022
AMS President Eric Sikich, Vice President (Operations) Tina Hu, and Vice President (University Affairs) Callum Robertson sat down with The Journal to recount their progress from the fall semester and to discussnew initiatives.
With campus-wide elections around the corner in the winter semester, the Nursing Sciences Society (NSS) is struggling to find executives for the upcoming term.  
The AMS has been working with the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) over the past year to create change for students.
As the fall term comes to a close, the AMS Board of Directors is working on policies that will affect all AMS employees.
The AMS announced Dreyden George, ArtSci ’26, will step into the new position of External Social Issues Commissioner after being hired last week.
The AMS Fall Referendum concluded Nov. 15 with an 11.4 per cent turnout rate. This marked a 1.9 per cent increase in voter turnout from the 2021 AMS Fall Referendum.
The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) hosted a Mental and Physical Health Town Hall at Kingston Hall on Nov. 8.

EngSoc seeks new logo

November 11, 2022
Students are competing to have their design become the new Engineering Society (EngSoc) emblem
The AMS held Assembly in the upper floors of Beamish-Munro Hall on Thursday night with the fall referendum as the main point of discussion—Assembly ratified the fees various clubs and organizations proposed.
In response to student concerns concerning consent, abuse of power, and being silenced in cases of faculty or staff sexual misconduct against students, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) proposed legislative changes on Oct. 27.
The Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) intends to pay volunteers for their labour, through honorarium. 
Queen’s students can ride the bus for ‘free’ after the Alma Mater Society (AMS) reinstated their $3,142,500 contract with Kingston Transit.  
AMS Assembly gathered in Jeffrey Hall on Thursday evening to discuss Orientation and Homecoming.
The beginning of October kicked off AMS Sustainability Month. 
With Queen’s Homecoming coming up, harm reduction, street parties, and street clean-ups are being discussed.
Graduate and professional students voiced concerns with Queen’s at the SGPS town hall on Oct. 4.  The town hall is part of a series of meetings the SGPS is holding in Kingston Hall to hear students’ housing issues and concerns.
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