Masthead: Volume 136 (2008-2009)

Editorial Board

Erin Flegg Editor in Chief
Angela Hickman Managing Editor
Charlotte Yun Production Manager
Jane Switzer News Editor
Clare Clancy Assistant News Editor
Emily Davies Assistant News Editor
Lauren Miles Assistant News Editor
Kerri Macdonald Features Editor
Michael Woods Features Editor
Gloria Er-Chua Editorials Editor
Alexi White Opinions Editor
Adèle Barclay Arts Editor
Taylor Burns Assistant Arts Editor
Andrew Bucholtz Sports Editor
Amrit Ahluwalia Assistant Sports Editor
Emily Sicilia Graphics Editor and Editorial Illustrator
Matt Rushworth Photo Editor
Tyler Ball Assistant Photo Editor
Madison Bettle Supplements Editor
Monica Heisey Postscript Editor
Allison Mclachlan Copy Editor
Carly Watters Copy Editor
Kelsey Wibbing Copy Editor
Ashley Harms-Wiebe Web Developer

Business Staff

Jungyoon Kang Business Manager
Sarah Kwong Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ahn Advertising Designer
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