Masthead: Volume 142 (2014-2015)

Editorial Board

Vincent Ben Matak Editor in Chief
Nick Faris Editor in Chief
Sam Koebrich Production Manager
Chloe Sobel News Editor
Natasa Bansagi Assistant News Editor
Mishal Omar Assistant News Editor
Kylee Pedersen Assistant News Editor
Jacquelyn Platis Assistant News Editor
Jacob Rosen Assistant News Editor
Sebastian Leck Features Editor
Laura Russell Features Editor
Anisa Rawhani Editorials Editor
Olivia Bowden Opinions Editor
Olivia Loncar-Bartolini Arts Editor
Kashmala Omar Arts Editor
Sean Sutherland Sports Editor
Brent Moore Assistant Sports Editor
Chloë Grande Lifestyle Editor
Kate Meagher Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Michaella Fortune Graphics Editor and Editorial Illustrator
Arwin Chan Photo Editor
Alex Pickering Photo Editor
Michelle Allan Assistant Photo Editor
Emilie Rabeau Assistant Photo Editor
Leigh Cameron Copy Editor
Christine Ellis Copy Editor
Chandra Erickson Copy Editor
Karen Chen Web Developer

Business Staff

David Worsley Business Manager
Hayley Square Marketing Manager
Rachel Herscovici Office Administrator
Fraser Bruce Sales Representative
Katelyn Martinko Sales Representative
Jacob Rumball Sales Representative
Teddy Taggart Sales Representative
Flora Wu Sales Representative
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