Masthead: Volume 139 (2011-2012)

Editorial Board

Clare Clancy Editor in Chief
Jake Edmiston Editor in Chief
Labiba Haque Production Manager
Katherine Fernandez-Blance News Editor
Catherine Owsik Assistant News Editor
Savoula Stylianou Assistant News Editor
Meaghan Wray Assistant News Editor
Terra-Ann Arnone Features Editor
Janina Enrile Assistant Features Editor
Andrew Stokes Editorials Editor
Brendan Monahan Opinions Editor
Alyssa Ashton Arts Editor
Caitlin Choi Assistant Arts Editor
Gilbert Coyle Sports Editor
Benjamin Deans Assistant Sports Editor
Kelly Loeper Lifestyle Editor
Carolyn Flanagan Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Janghan Hong Graphics Editor and Editorial Illustrator
Corey Lablans Photo Editor
Justin Chin Assistant Photo Editor
Asad Chishti Assistant Photo Editor
Jessica Fishbein Postscript Editor
Jessica Munshaw Copy Editor
Terence Wong Copy Editor

Business Staff

Daniel Weinshenker Business Manager
James Bolt Sales Representative
Katherine Pearce Sales Representative
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