Masthead: Volume 151 (2023-2024)

Editorial Board

Asbah Ahmad Editor in Chief
Cassidy McMackon Editor in Chief
Curtis Heinzl Production Manager
Sophia Coppolino News Editor
Meghrig Milkon Assistant News Editor
Mikella Schuettler Assistant News Editor
Sofia Tosello Assistant News Editor
Vineeth Jarabana Features Editor
Skylar Soroka Features Editor
Cassandra Pao Editorials Editor
Arden Mason-Ourique Editorial Illustrator
Nahira Gerster-Sim Opinions Editor
Maddie Hunt Arts Editor
Suzy Leinster Assistant Arts Editor
Rory Stinson Sports Editor
Aidan Michaelov Assistant Sports Editor
Uwineza Mugabe Lifestyle Editor
Sina Sayyad Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Herbert Wang Photo Editor
Joseph Mariathasan Assistant Photo Editor
Miriam Slessor Video Editor
Claire Chow Assistant Video Editor
Norah Kierulf Copy Editor
Allie Moustakis Copy Editor
Kenzie O'Day Copy Editor
Anne Fu BIPOC Advisory Board Member
Malaieka Khan BIPOC Advisory Board Member
Oluwamisimi Oluwole BIPOC Advisory Board Member

Business Staff

Manal Shah Business Manager
Irina Tran Sales Representative
Margaret Cavanagh-Wall Fundraising Representative
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