Masthead: Volume 148 (2020-2021)

Editorial Board

Raechel Huizinga Editor in Chief
Matt Scace Managing Editor
Tessa Warburton Production Manager
Claudia Rupnik News Editor
Julia Harmsworth Assistant News Editor
Simone Manning Assistant News Editor
Cassidy McMackon Assistant News Editor
Carolyn Svonkin Features Editor
Aysha Tabassum Features Editor
Chloe Sarrazin Editorials Editor
Ashley Chen Editorial Illustrator
Ben Wrixon Opinions Editor
Nathan Gallagher Arts Editor
Alysha Mohamed Assistant Arts Editor
Matt Funk Sports Editor
Angus Merry Assistant Sports Editor
Shelby Talbot Lifestyle Editor
Kirby Harris Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Jodie Grieve Photo Editor
Maia McCann Assistant Photo Editor
Lauren Thomas Video Editor
Francesca Lim Assistant Video Editor
Ryland Piché Copy Editor
Hannah Strasdin Copy Editor

Business Staff

Christine Mao Business Manager
Bronte Simon Sales Representative
Yoli Wang Sales Representative
Sonya Patel Fundraising Representative
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