Masthead: Volume 143 (2015-2016)

Editorial Board

Sebastian Leck Editor in Chief
Anisa Rawhani Editor in Chief
Arwin Chan Production Manager
Jacob Rosen News Editor
Victoria Gibson Assistant News Editor
Jordana Goldman Assistant News Editor
Matthew Wronko Assistant News Editor
Anastasiya Boika Features Editor
Nick Pearce Features Editor
Jane Willsie Editorials Editor
Kate Meagher Opinions Editor
Ramna Safeer Arts Editor
Lauren Luchenski Assistant Arts Editor
Adam Laskaris Sports Editor
Joseph Cattana Assistant Sports Editor
Erika Streisfield Lifestyle Editor
Kailun Zhang Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Stephanie Nijhuis Photo Editor
Kendra Pierroz Photo Editor
Anna Maria Li Video Editor
Vishmayaa Jeyamoorthy Copy Editor
Katie King Copy Editor
Ashley Quan Graphics Editor
Kayla Thomson Digital Manager
Daniel Clarke Web Developer

Business Staff

Katelyn Martinko Business Manager
Michael Ozburn Sales Representative
Geoff Roberts Sales Representative
Renee Robertson Sales Representative
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