Masthead: Volume 137 (2009-2010)

Editorial Board

Jane Switzer Editor in Chief
Michael Woods Editor in Chief
Sarah Kwong Production Manager
Gloria Er-Chua News Editor
Rachel Kuper Assistant News Editor
Kelly Loeper Assistant News Editor
Holly Tousignant Assistant News Editor
Emily Davies Features Editor
Monica Heisey Features Editor
Allison MacLachlan Editorials Editor
Madison Bettle Opinions Editor
Emily Whalen Arts Editor
Ally Hall Assistant Arts Editor
Amrit Ahluwalia Sports Editor
Jake Edmiston Assistant Sports Editor
Andrea Por Graphics Editor and Editorial Illustrator
Tyler Ball Photo Editor
Christine Blais Assistant Photo Editor
Ashleigh Ryan Supplements Editor
Alice Greenberg Postscript Editor
Craig Draeger Copy Editor
Cristiana Mergianian Copy Editor
Emily Stubbings Copy Editor
Alec Regehr Web Developer

Business Staff

Kamil Wyszynski Business Manager
Jennifer Ahn Marketing Manager
Carlee Duchesne Sales Representative
Renad Mansour Sales Representative
Tina You Advertising Designer
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