Masthead: Volume 145 (2017-2018)

Editorial Board

Joseph Cattana Editor in Chief
Meg Glover Managing Editor
Maureen O'Reilly News Editor
Sarina Grewal Assistant News Editor
Jasnit Pabla Assistant News Editor
Iain Sherriff-Scott Assistant News Editor
Brigid Goulem Features Editor
Alex Palermo Features Editor
Ashley Rhamey Editorials Editor
Stephanie Jiang Editorial Illustrator
Caleigh Castiglione Opinions Editor
Nick Pearce Arts Editor
Clayton Tomlinson Assistant Arts Editor
Sebastian Bron Sports Editor
Matt Scace Assistant Sports Editor
Shivani Gonzalez Lifestyle Editor
Josh Granovsky Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Julia Balakrishnan Photo Editor
Nicole Langfield Assistant Photo Editor
Max Silverberg Video Editor
Amelia Rankine Assistant Video Editor
Ejaz Thawer Copy Editor
Meredith Wilson-Smith Copy Editor
Rebecca Frost Graphics Editor

Business Staff

Abby Choudhry Business Manager
Faith Villanueva Office Administrator
LeeAnn Sverko Head Sales Representative
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